Closed Adoption

Closed adoption is a certain type of adoption many couples prospective about adoption look into. To define closed adoption, the birth mother putting the child up for adoption and the adoptive family have no interaction or contact with one another. Despite this, the family is still able to access family and medical history as well as characteristics of the birth mother.
A closed adoption eliminates the chance of later involvement with the birth mother. In this sense, it allows the birth mother and the family a sense of comfort and saves them the impending worry that later legal trouble may come up or complex birth family involvement. However, a closed adoption often means that the adopted child will not meet or know their birth parents. It is, although, legally possible to open a closed adoption and fight for information about an adopted child’s birth family, but this is not always successful and is not a surefire way to “reverse” a closed adoption. Many times, families opt for this process of adoption because it avoids the prospect of later trouble with the birth family, such as co parenting or even a custody battle.